Medical Marijuana Sales kicks off in NJ

medical marijuana in NJ
Several days ago we covered a story of the first medical marijuana dispensary to open in New Jersey. Despite the fact that the opening day a few patients wandered in and out and purchased small amounts, it has become official that the dispensary is here to stay. Several patients have felt a great relief in the knowledge that they won’t have to obtain their medicine illegally which many had to do prior to the opening of Greenleaf compassion center.
  • Medical marijuana in NJ – Since New Jersey passed their medical marijuana laws many patients could rest easy knowing that if they were pulled over by cops they wouldn't have to worry about being thrown in jail and to have their life saving medicine confiscated. However for a long time even though the consumption of medical marijuana was legal in the state, they had no way to get their hands on the medicine.
  • It’s still pricey – The actual value of marijuana is a lot lower than people currently pay. Three quarters of an ounce in NJ is roughly worth about $400 dollars compared to the $200 medium in California. The same goes for Washington in terms of costly bud. The only reason medical marijuana is so expensive is due to the harsh laws of prohibitions. In reality under a legal system we could expect to see ounces starting from $50 dollars and up depending on the potency, the purity and the brand. The only reason the bud is so expensive at this particular moment in time is because these dispensaries and grow-ops have to jump through fiery hoops to be allowed to deliver the cannabis to you.
  • Still good news – In the end despite the elevated cost per ounce the opening and business of this new dispensary shows that the end of the drug war is in sight. More people are opting in for marijuana and it seems that the US is finally ready to rectify the mistake that ruined so many aspects of society; The Drug War.
Medical marijuana will only get bigger and stronger, the industry will become more refined and patients young and old will be allowed to choose a safer and more effective medication; Cannabis.
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