Can Medical Marijuana Save the Lives of Cancer Patients?

Cannabis Breat Cancer
There are many ailments that can be treated with medical marijuana, and often it is used to treat more minor ailments and psychological disorders.  But where medical marijuana offers some of the biggest benefits is in the treatment of those stricken with cancer.  Surely if you have done your research regarding the medicinal uses of marijuana you have likely learned that it works great to treat the nausea and pain associated with various forms of cancer and cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.  But the benefits that can be provided to those that suffer from cancer go beyond the physical effects of the disease. Although it is made very clear by researchers that additional studies need to be conducted, early and preliminary studies have shown that marijuana may even be able to save the lives of those suffering from cancer.  In fact, even those inflicted with lung cancer may be able to benefit from using marijuana.  There are two possible life saving benefits specifically that make marijuana a treatment option to consider.
  1. Stopping Tumor Growth – Some of the studies that have been conducted regarding marijuana and certain types of cancer have actually shown that tumors have stopped growing when marijuana was used for treatment.  This is due to the content of the cannabinoids found in marijuana, which provide for two major functions.  The first is to keep blood from reaching the tumor through the blood vessels.  The second is to promote the destruction of cells within tumors.  Both are welcome effects for those hoping for a better prognosis at their next oncology visit.
  2. Preventing Cancer from Spreading – The spreading of cancer can also be inhibited with the use of marijuana in treatment as well.  Specifically, studies have found that a certain cannabinoid in particular is responsible for preventing further invasion of certain forms of cancer in the body.  Cannabidiol has been proven in a number of studies to work as a cancer cell invasion inhibitor, particularly in regards to cervical and lung cancer.  It has even been shown to work when other treatments have failed.
There is no doubt that additional research on the benefits of medical marijuana for cancer patients has to be conducted.  But to ignore the benefits even during the early stages of research when there is so much at risk for those suffering from the disease, is simply inhumane.
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