Medical Marijuana for Seizure Disorders

Medical Marijuana
Epilepsy and other types of seizure disorders have shown to respond quite well to medical marijuana. There are many compounds within medical cannabis and the one said to be responsible for treating seizures is credited to cannabidiol. Also recent studies show that cannabis stimulates new brain cell development in the hippocampus. While there is not a mountain of clinical trials to back this up, the pathological evidence speaks for itself. Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy –  For hundreds of years now people have been using cannabis medicines to control seizures. Current epilepsy medication only works for about 60% of the people leaving 40% of the total patient population to continue having seizures. In addition to this these anticonvulsant medication also can have some serious side effects such as develop emotional disorders, swelling of the gums, comas and in some cases even death. Cannabis on the other hand does not have harmful side effects like current “approved medication” and in most cases works better than what Big Pharma supplies. Medical Marijuana Strain for Seizures – Once again it is imperative that you find a medical marijuana strain that contains a lot of CBDs in it. Something like Luca Brassi is a stellar choice for controlling your seizures. How to ingest your Medical Cannabis – In order to take full effect of your intake you should use cannabis in different methods. Firstly to have some essential hemp oils to ingest in drop form will help maintain a general state of balance within your brain. This will not get you high but will allow the CBDs to have a superior effect on your brain. The second method would be via vaporization or spray. This is to be taken when you feel uneasy or over stimulated. Vapor will provide a quick release of the CBDs and THC into your blood stream and should sway any episodes to come. Medical marijuana is a natural organic way to deal with seizure disorders and will provide phenomenal relief without any of the harmful side effects of current “approved medication” 234x60 Medical Marijuana for Seizure Disorders
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