Medical Marijuana Smoking could make you Smarter

Medical Marijuana makes you smarter
You've heard the stereotypical prohibitionist jargon that rant and rave that smoking medical marijuana will make you dumb. The “pot head” image is so deeply burrowed within their minds that to even think that smoking medical marijuana will make you smart might inspire spontaneous combustion within the most zealous of prohibitionists.
  • The lies – Be honest and ask yourself how many times have you heard that “smoking pot is bad for you and will make you stupid”. My guess is you probably heard this statement a lot. But have you ever stopped and asked anyone touting this propaganda to prove it? The fact of the matter is that this claim has absolutely no scientific base whatsoever and is birthed from a moralistic standpoint. Yet this didn't stop the government to put it on your DARE commercials and spread this nonsense through your schools brainwashing your children on the same ill-founded hogwash.
  • The Truth will set you free – So where does this out-righteous statement about medical marijuana and increased intelligence come from? And didn't we hear that teens’ IQs are reduced from smoking marijuana? The answer comes from Saskatchewan University where Professor Xia Zhang decided to test synthetic THC on rats. The idea was to see what it did to the brain in high doses and its effect on neurogenesis (Brain Cell Formation and Generation). They super dosed the rats twice a day with this medical marijuana like chemical for ten days to really see what would happen. To their surprise they found that the rats with this form of THC had a 40% increase with neurogenesis in the hippocampus. The rats didn't just display increase in neurogenesis, they also showed less signs of anxiety and depression than their counterparts.  In response to the “Smoking Marijuana lowers your IQ” we have already shown how these studies were funded by pro-prohibitionist groups.
The hippocampus is the area of the brain that controls learning, memory, anxiety and depression. This suggests that medical marijuana is in fact a very good medication for people suffering from these disorders. So if anyone ever tells you again that smoking medical marijuana will make you stupid, simply ask them to prove it. And if they can’t prove it, tell them that you can prove the opposite to be true!
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