Current State of Medical Marijuana in the United States

 Current State of Medical Marijuana in the United StatesThe Medical Marijuana industry has undergone a massive boom over the past few years. Currently there are 17 states that have opted in for a Medical Cannabis program and the support for Marijuana as a whole is only gaining in numbers.
  • Losing the fear - It is no surprise that the United States government has waged a very personal war against cannabis. The claims they have made on Marijuana has never been proven to be true and for the past 70 years people have been waking up slowly to the truth surrounding Marijuana. As more people realize that Marijuana has been used as a Medicine for thousands of years, they cease to support the unscientific zealous war of the far right and in many cases left as well.
  • Prohibition kills – That’s right, prohibition kills the economy, criminalizes the population, places your children at risk of drugs, inflates debt, spends resources and much more. In fact because of Prohibition we have more than 50,000 official deaths in Mexico. The harsh reality is that the number is probably closer to the 100,000 marker of deaths and roughly 120,000 kidnappings proving once more that Prohibition did not achieve to stop the flow of drugs or make the world safer.
  • Debt time is time for legalization – During Alcohol prohibition the political climate was very similar to what it is today. Debt was out of control, people were being locked up and crime was rampant. The economy was a major factor in the legalization of alcohol and it wouldn’t be all that surprising to find out that the same is true for marijuana.
  • Medical Marijuana Works – Now with more than a decade of Medical Marijuana in the United States people have realized that the program works. More people are finding natural relief and are turning away from chemicals provided by Big Pharma. Why buy medicine when you can grow it?
In the end the Medical Marijuana industry will have to adapt to the new changes in the US policy towards marijuana. With Colorado, Washington and Oregon voting on legalizing marijuana this year, we can only expect to see the end of prohibition within the next few years.
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