Medical Marijuana strains for Asthma

marijuana strains for asthma
A few of our users asked us to write about the best marijuana strains to use when treating asthma. We decided to go a step further and also discuss what marijuana does for asthma and the best methods of ingestion.
  • Medical Marijuana and Asthma – Before we jump into medical marijuana strains let’s take a closer look to what cannabis does for asthma sufferers. Cannabis acts as a bronchial dilator which prevents inflammation of lungs microphages and is the main reason it assists with asthma. Obviously smoke can cause irritation on the throat and lung thus the best methods of ingestion is either through vapor or spray. We’ll dive into more consumption methods a bit further down.
  • Marijuana Strains for Asthma – For these types of conditions one needs a marijuana strain that has more impact on the body which generally indicates indica. However many patients find that smoking pure indica strains can make them feel too sedated. We do however believe that predominantly indica is what asthma patients should be using. Thus a good Indica dominant hybrid is recommended. Something along the lines of OG Kush (any of the kushes really), Pineapple Chunk and Dynamite would do quite nicely.
  • Best Consumption methods – You can really use any marijuana strain for treating asthma, the marijuana strains mentioned above is what we have found to provide significant relief. Above strain in terms of importance is consumption method. We suggest that you prepare a spray to take with you. Whenever your asthma starts acting up a simple spray in the throat will provide quick results. If you need even quicker results then vaporizing is the best method. It takes roughly 3 seconds to absorb 97% of THC in the vapor and would almost immediately provide effect. Some patients can smoke but for those suffering medium to severe asthma the above mentioned method of consumption is recommended.
There are many marijuana strains that have proven to provide great relief, the ones mentioned above is meant to provide a general guideline to finding the right strain for you. In the end it comes down to which strain best suits your specific condition.
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