Medical Marijuana to treat Brain Tumors

Medical Marijuana Cancer Cure
Currently marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug which means it holds no accepted medical value. Most educated people know that this is utter nonsense as they themselves have felt the benefits of medical marijuana. Today we’ll take a closer look on how marijuana helps prevent and kill aggressive brain tumors.
  • Medical Marijuana and brain tumors – The active compound in marijuana known as THC has a peculiar effect on brain tumors. The compound induces a process known as autophagy which essentially causes the cancer cell to consume itself. There still are lacking trials on this but the evidence is quite convincing. Unlike Chemo, that kills 2/3rds of the people it is supposed to cure, medical marijuana is a natural alternative that will not destroy you in the process of healing you.
  • Why is Marijuana illegal? – Some people argue that if medical marijuana truly cured cancer it would be legal by now and that this is nothing but a pipe dream. But the opposite is true. Similar to the war on drugs, cancer is a very lucrative business. Big Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in legalizing a drug that can be produced for free in your own back yard. Currently it is estimated that 80% of their revenue comes from cancer medication.
  • Essential Hemp Oils – The best method of consuming medical marijuana for brain tumors is through essential hemp oils. Also the preferred phenotype is a heavy indica to induce a state of rest which is essential to the healing process. Many people have had phenomenal results by merely taking one drop in the morning and another at night but the dosage should increase depending on the severity of your disease.
Marijuana is a medicine, there is no doubt about that. Sadly there are special interest groups that fight hard to deny people of their much needed medicine. It is a lie to think that only synthetic drugs work on diseases. It’s a fallacy to think that only drugs created in big Pharma’s labs will cure us. It’s time that medical marijuana be made available to all those in need, today! It’s time to end this ridiculous war on health, freedom and happiness.
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