Alternative Medical Marijuana Uses: Suppositories

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While smoking medical marijuana may offer a wide variety of applications, people that cannot smoke often turn to alternative medical marijuana uses like edibles and tinctures, but what else can be done in the event that consumption is not an option? People with serious respiratory and digestive complications from cancer or other severe ailments can benefit from the cannabis plant in suppository form as an alternative to smoking or eating. The mucosal lining of the digestive system is very thin, much like it is in the lungs, and it allows cannabinoids to pass easily into the bloodstream without the adverse effects of inhaling smoke. While medicating with suppositories may never be a commonly accepted social practice, it is one of the most effective medical marijuana uses known to date. Medical cannabis suppositories are available by prescription, but those without a prescription for cannabis in suppository form can legally make their own if they live in a state where medical marijuana is legal. You will just need:
  • One part cannabis
  • One part beeswax
  It is best to use a double boiler to avoid overheating the beeswax; beeswax is flammable and when melted can cause serious burns. Use low heat when melting in a standard pot, and if melted in the microwave, heat it in small increments to avoid overheating. Additionally, suppository molds are not necessary, but will significantly reduce preparation time.  
  1. Place beeswax in double boiler to melt it slowly while you pulverize the cannabis into flour as I had described in a previous post. For best results, decarboxylate the cannabis to activate any remaining inactive THC in your material. To do this, simply spread the cannabis evenly on a baking sheet and heat at 220° F. for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. Once the wax has melted, add flour and mix thoroughly.
  3. When evenly mixed and slightly cooled for safe handling, pour the mixture into your suppository mold if you are using one. Otherwise, when cooled to a temperature suitable for handling, you can roll the wax into a suitable shape with your fingers.
  4. When cool, wrap the suppositories and store separate from other foods in the refrigerator.

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