Montana Medical Marijuana

The Montana Medical Marijuana system was first created in 2004 but currently is restricted by the State government. The reason why the Montana system is currently restricted is because it has been one of the most popular programs in the country. Since 2004 until now more than 27000 patients have registered for the program. While this number might seem high, Marijuana has the ability to deal with a plethora of diseases. Nonetheless the supreme court of Montana ruled that the Medical Marijuana program was not constitutional as they claim that patients have the right to pursuit means of betting their health, but that “that” statement does not include drugs of any kind, especially Marijuana. Prior to the ban however the Montana system allowed patients to grow, harvest and possess marijuana without having to face any legal repercussions. This also included caregivers and dispensaries. Under this system more than 27000 patients obtained their Medical Marijuana Cards and gave them save access to a medicine that means the difference between life and death for some. Since the ruling of the Montana Supreme Court those 27000 patients now have been driven to the black market where all their money is going directly to the enrichment of criminal organizations. The fact of the matter is that prohibition has only been institutionalized for the past 70 years, and prior to this prohibition Marijuana was legal and a very active part of society. Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to keep a close eye on the Montana Medical Marijuana program in order to provide top notch updates in terms of legal developments. The advocates of Medical Marijuana are working hard to reinstall the program and create a safer access to life saving medicine for patients in need. Constitutionally speaking Marijuana should not be illegal as it poses no real threat to the government or society as a whole. The prohibition of Marijuana is nothing more than the prohibition of free choice, which is completely and utterly un-constitutional.
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