Nevada Medical Marijuana

Since 2001 Nevada Adopted a Medical Marijuana program and protected all qualified patients from criminal convictions when using marijuana. This means that a patient can legally possess, cultivate and consume marijuana without having to face any legal repercussions. A patient can only become eligible for the Nevada Medical Marijuana program if he/she obtains a physician’s recommendation. A registered physician would review the patient’s medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination. If the doctor deems that Marijuana will indeed ease the suffering of the patient, a written recommendation will be granted to the patient. With this written recommendation the patient can go to the Department of Health where he/she may apply for the program. An initial annual fee would be required and sub sequentially a renewal fee would be required. With this license a patient may have up to one ounce of useable marijuana and may cultivate up to seven plants with only three mature plants at a time. The process of applying for a Medical Marijuana card is very similar to that of a Driver’s license. Nevada has an “affirmative defense for Medical Necessity” which in essence means that if a patient has more than the State limit in terms of Marijuana, they can claim it was for medical necessity which in most cases absolves them from the legal repercussions. Nevada does not have reciprocity laws which mean that only Nevada Medical Marijuana Card holders are exempt from criminal proceedings in terms of marijuana. A caregiver must be older than 18 to qualify and should have no criminal record. A patient may only have one primary caregiver whereas a caregiver may have more than one patient. Nevada does have a few dispensary options so a patient could opt in to obtain his/her medicine there instead. Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to monitor the status of the Nevada Medical Marijuana program in order to provide any updates and amendments to the laws that would affect patients, caregivers and physicians alike.
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