New Mexico Medical Marijuana

New MExico
New Mexico first institutionalized a Medical Marijuana program in 2007 which allows patients to have safe access to Marijuana without facing any legal repercussions or criminal proceedings when caught with cannabis. New Mexico implements a completely different approach to Marijuana as opposed to other states in terms of not allowing Marijuana Dispensaries. New Mexico created a system where non-profit organizations can grow Marijuana for patients. These are called Pot Clubs or Cannabis clubs and patients have the right to choose whether they acquire their marijuana from these clubs, or whether they will grow themselves. Under the New Mexico Medical Marijuana program, patients can grow up to sixteen plants with only four mature at a time. The maximum amount of useable marijuana a patient can have is 6 ounces without facing any legal repercussions. Qualified patients are required by law to register into the program. In order to register a patient must first be examined by a registered physician who in turn will provide the patient with a recommendation. With this recommendation in hand the patient can go to the Department of Health and apply for a Medical Marijuana card. Diseases that are considered to be “marijuana worthy” include the following but are not limited to; Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Glaucoma, and much more. NPO’s (Non-Profit Organizations) are allowed to grow up to 150 plants per harvest in order to supply a steady flow of medicine to the patients. Due to the nature of the program they cannot accept any financial retribution for their services and survive solely on donations. Patients usually opt in for this type of system due to the fact that the NPO focuses on cultivating consistency within strain potency and work in sterile environments. Generally these organizations clone their plants in order to ensure a cyclical and constant flow of cannabis. In order to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card you must apply at the Department of Health. No other agency or organization can grant you entry into the program other than the State. If you would like to find out more about the New Mexico Medical Marijuana program be sure to contact Marijuana Doctors 411 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you as we can.
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