New York getting ready to Legalize Medical Marijuana

long beach medical marijuana New York getting ready to Legalize Medical MarijuanaThis past month there have been a plethora of Bills introduced to legalize marijuana in some way or another. New York is one of these States that now are ready to begin the legalization process. Despite the rampant opposition from the Gov. Andrew Cuomo, people are very optimistic with this measure. Under these new medical marijuana laws patients with series conditions would be allowed to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana per month from licensed growers or dispensaries. In addition to this patients would be able to obtain a medical marijuana card that would last for up to a year or less depending on the condition and the recommendation by the physician. Growers must cultivate indoor and in a secure location while dispensaries would need to have a strict regulatory system enacted in order to make sure that no “contraband dealings” occur. Taxes per pound can go as high as $250. In addition patients 17 and younger would also be allowed if a parent or legal guardian allows it and of course with the discretion of the practicing physician. With New York, Maryland, Kentucky (Industrial Hemp), Maine, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Illinois all seeing movement on the marijuana front we can see that legalization is reaching a tipping point. We can already see many politicians comes out of the “Hemp Closet” about their political views on marijuana as the majority of Americans are now in favor of full scale legalization. 2013 seems to be the year that a collective push is occurring from all sides and soon the Federal Government will be overwhelmed by too many legalization initiatives that in the end they will not be able to sustain prohibition. As more people jump on the band wagon, legalization might be more imminent than was originally hypothesized. New York might very well be the next state to legalize medical marijuana. It seems that the Cannabis lid is about to pop wide open.
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