Obama Still Quiet on Legal Marijuana

Obama DuctTaped Obama Still Quiet on Legal MarijuanaSince November 6th 2012 two states upped the ante and legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over. Since then several task forces have been scrambling together to see how they will regulate this new legal marijuana market. In both states the issue of regulating marijuana is becoming more of a reality but strangely we have heard nothing from Holder or Obama. In fact, the only time that the President actually said anything related to marijuana was a one liner in his virtual “town hall” where a majority of marijuana legalization groups managed to push their cannabis related questions to the top (only to be deleted by the White House). Furthermore, a recent Pew poll showed that 52% of America is now in favor of full scale legalization, yet Obama remains silent. The silence from the Federal government isn’t sitting well with a majority of Americans and with this consistent stone walling we can see that contempt is growing.

Indecision on legal marijuana a Sign of Weak Leadership?

Many supporters of the President will obviously turn a blind eye but if we take this issue down to brass tacks we’ll see that the Commander and Chief has been talking about plenty of controversial issues including marriage equality, medicare and so forth. But what is the reason for his silence on cannabis? Why is it that legal marijuana gets to be pushed in the corner like some mutant baby when it’s obvious that trends are shifting towards a Pro-Cannabis society. No longer are people fooled by the political machine and its bedfellow main stream media. Since 1997 we have had pseudo legal marijuana operate with no real consequences save an added revenue stream for poverty ridden states. In fact statistics showed a different scenario than what was predicted by the Drug Warmongers where alcohol consumption and vehicular collision rates dropped in states where marijuana was legalized for Medical purposes. We also didn’t see a spike in marijuana consumption and as it turns out that most prohibition states maintain the same rates of cannabis consumption as legal states. This indecision from the president is making many of his supporters mad and even more so since his 2008 campaign promises were that “science and reason” would govern new policies. Well Mr. President…Science and Reason have spoken…why aren’t you listening? Bottom Line Whether the president is in favor or against marijuana is irrelevant, what is relevant is the fact that his indecision is making him look bad. People are beginning to assume that he is merely a puppet in the game catering to the needs of companies that are profiteering from prohibition. Maybe the Federal government is simply trying to find out how they can profiteer from legal marijuana, or how they can stump it. But the truth of the matter is that whether or not they want marijuana legal, marijuana is here to stay.
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