OG Kush has a long standing reputation within the Marijuana community. A pure Indica that has decades of experience to its name and quality. Many other plants have been cross-breed with OG Kush, but the Original Gangster will always be one of the strongest Indicas on the market. OG Kush is a wonderful plant to grow in small spaces because of its yield and space occupancy. Generally the buds are much more compact yet the total yield of the plant is plenty and compensates the size of the bud. You might have to Super Crop it to maximize the yield. OG Kush is considered to have the highest THC content out of all the Kushes on the market. Due to its high THC count and the fact that it is purely Indica, this plant is a perfect specimen to make essential cannabis oils and would produce a promising amount of oils. It’s perfect for pain, depression, lack of ambition, energy. Smoking this strain before bed can keep the patient up at night, which is not recommended, we suggest that you medicate in the morning or afternoon. OG Kush is fairly straight forward to grow and maintain and the flowering takes roughly between eight to ten weeks. In order to optimize harvest results you should low pressure string tie the branches in order to get maximum yield. If you have any questions or doubts regarding growing techniques, harvesting techniques, diagnosis and so forth, please feel free to check out our Marijuana Knowledgebase for more information. You can also get in touch with Marijuana Doctors 411 for any questions you may have.
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