Oregon Medical Marijuana

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was first made into law in 1998, a year after California initially legalized in 1997. This new system allowed patients with debilitating diseases or chronic disorders to obtain safe access to Marijuana that eases their suffering. In order to obtain a license to participate in the Medical Marijuana program one must first obtain a written doctor’s recommendation. A registered physician would conduct a thorough Physical Examination and review the patient’s medical history to deem whether marijuana would indeed benefit the patient’s condition. Once the patient has obtained the medical recommendation, he/she may venture to the Department of Health to apply for the program. Some of the diseases that are deemed treatable by marijuana include but are not limited to; HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, Chronic Pain and much more. It is imperative that a patient reviews the official website to see the full list of diseases and disorders. A patient under the Oregon Medical Marijuana program can possess up to twenty four ounces of useable marijuana and can grow up to seven plants of which only three may be matured at a time. The others mist remain in a vegetative state. Oregon does implement Reciprocity Laws which means that patients from other Medical Marijuana States may legally participate within the Oregon Medical Marijuana system. The Oregon Medical Marijuana programs is one of the most “pro-patient” systems in the country and truly aims to provide a safe access for patients in dire need of medication. A dispensary system has also been implemented within the Oregon Medical Marijuana program allowing qualified patients to purchase their cannabis within the confines of the dispensary. Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to monitor the progression of the Oregon Medical Marijuana program in order to provide accurate and up to date information on the developments of the program. Currently Oregon along with two other states will vote whether to legalize and regulate Marijuana for recreational purposes. Marijuana Doctors 411 will keep you updated on the developments.
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