Popular Lighting for Growing Marijuana Indoors

Lights For Growing Marijuana Indoors
In nature, all plants depend on sunlight for survival. When growing marijuana indoors, your plants have no access to sunlight, so lighting plays a critical role in plant development. Whether your indoor garden is large or small, many types of lighting are available to suit your individual needs. Here are a few tips to help you set up the most efficient lighting for growing marijuana indoors. Light output is measured in lumens, and the efficiency of a light source is measured in lumens per watt. Higher lumens per watt mean more light for less money, but higher wattage isn’t always a good thing for growing marijuana since  bulbs also produce heat that can build up and cause problems for your plants.   Compact fluorescents (CFL’s) are commonly used by growers that closely replicate sunlight. They are inexpensive and produce little heat, but can be tedious to maintain in large grows. Compact fluorescents offer roughly 100 lumens per watt. Metal halides are another form of lighting that can be used in the place of sunlight. These bulbs can get quite large, up to 1000 watts. The higher wattage of the bulbs can produce much more intense heat than CFL’s, but they offer a more efficient rating of 120 lumens per watt. To gauge how close your lights can be to your plants, place your hand under the light. The canopy of your plants should be no closer to the bulb than you can comfortably hold your hand. Producing 140 lumens per watt, high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs are the gold standard of cannabis growers, especially during flowering. The light emitted by HPS lights are in the same part of the light spectrum that resembles the golden harvest sun. Like metal halides, HPS lights are also available in sizes up to 1000 watts, and they also put out a good amount of heat. 600 watt bulbs are the most effective, offering the best balance between light and heat output. If you want to tend your plants during dark cycles, you can use green bulbs to work by. Plants do not absorb green light, so they will never know you were there. Cannabis is highly sensitive to light during flowering, and the smallest amount of light exposure during the 12 hour dark cycle can cause enough stress to your plant to have severely effect product quality. Since cannabis may be illegal in your state, check your state laws to know the extent of risk involved when growing marijuana. MD411 does not encourage or endorse illegal activity, and any illegal gardening performed is at the risk of the grower.
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