The Problem With Researching Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa
Whenever you hear people talking about how marijuana shouldn’t be legal one of the biggest arguments you hear is that there has not been enough research to ensure the safety and usefulness of it.  Not only is this crap because marijuana has been being used for hundreds of years, but also because there actually has been plenty of research conducted that has proven that there are many uses for the plant known as cannabis sativa.  And the negative research you do hear is more than a little bit coerced, at least in the sense that the policies involved with marijuana research determine the research that can be conducted.  A few little known facts will prove to you just one-sided cannabis sativa research is.
  • Cocaine is easier to get for research purposes because it is classified as a Schedule II drug, compared to marijuana which is classified as Schedule I…  It may come as a surprise to some people that marijuana is actually classified as having higher risk and less medical value than cocaine!  That puts marijuana in the same class as heroin, which most people realize is much more addictive and dangerous than even the most potent marijuana will ever be.
  • Up until about a decade ago all the marijuana that was used for research in the United States was grown at one location…  The single facility that the supply of marijuana that was used for research in the United States was kept at did not provide for nearly enough to conduct sufficient research.  And the supply was controlled by one single organization that determined who got it for what research.
  • The marijuana that was used for that research was of such a low potency that it had little medical research value…  Up until around a decade ago there was really only one strain of marijuana grown as well, and it was of a much lower potency than the marijuana that people are used to using recreationally too.  Therefore little could be found out in regards to how medically useful it could be.  Only recently has research begun on different strains of both cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.
There is no doubt that negative research about marijuana can be found, but this is because that is the kind of research the government wants to be found.  With the right funding and extensive research, it won’t take long to realize that the benefits certainly outweigh the very minimal risks associated with marijuana.  The Problem With Researching Cannabis Sativa
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