Purple Wreck

This Indica dominant has exceptional potency and is not too difficult to grow. The mix comes from two power house strains Train Wreck and Purple Erkle. It has a very strong aroma with a very floral fruity undertone. Patients prefer this plant for muscle conditions, depression, stress, anxiety and so forth. With the strong Sativa influence you won’t get as tired as you would with most Indicas and would experience a decent amount of energy after ingested. This especially works with people who suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasms and will sustain the patient throughout the day. This strain is also said to increase motivation within the patients and for people suffering from Cancer this might be a good option for mobility. The cultivation process is pretty straight forward and even a novice grower will be able to produce a significant yield. The flowering cycle takes roughly 60 to 65 days to complete but with a little “extended flowering” you can expect the potency of the plant to increase. Remember to flush it before harvest in order to maximize resin output. If you would like to find out more about cultivation techniques, Doctor information, What strain to use for specific diseases or any other information related to cannabis, please feel free to check out our Weedpedia section. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, feel free to get in touch with our Marijuana Doctors 411 staff and we would be more than happy to assist you with your queries. Marijuana Doctors 411 aims to provide the best knowledge base for patients, doctors and caregivers alike. 234x60 Purple Wreck
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