Raspberry-Cough Marijuana Strain

This Sativa Dominant marijuana strain comes through a combination with some of the finest Sativa strains on the market. The THC content is very high and when consuming it you will experience a pleasant taste in your mouth. You can expect to see results when cultivating this strain in no time as its genetic makeup promotes rapid development. When implementing out door growth it is suggested to plant Raspberry Cough in May in order to harvest in October. In doors the process is slightly quicker and will produce a significant yield. Most of the plants height and size will only develop in the flowering stage which means that if you were to grow indoor you will have to force the flowering process bearing in mind the growth spurts at the end of its cycles. The strain will grow tall and thin which means that the grower would be able to plant several plants in a small area. In some cases growers have managed to harvest yields of up to half a kilo per square meter and due to the “quick” flowering cycle becomes a prominent candidate for constant growth cycles. Don’t expect to obtain dense buds when cultivating Raspberry Cough as the buds generally are skinny and lanky covered with red hairs. Eventually you’ll see the red hairs turn a bluish hue at the end of the flowering cycle. Being a Sativa dominant marijuana strain this plant is a perfect day time medicine and is said to help with anxiety disorders, stress management, migraines, lack of motivation, muscle control and more. Some patients claim to taste “raspberries” when they cough as is suggested by the name of the strain. If you would like to find out more about marijuana strains, how to cultivate cannabis, what cannabis to use for a specific illness, you can check out our Weedpedia section for more information. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for feel free to contact the Marijuana Doctors 411 staff and we will be more than happy to assist you. 234x60 Raspberry Cough Marijuana Strain
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