The Reason why Former D.E.A heads want to Hinder Legal Marijuana

money greedy1 The Reason why Former D.E.A heads want to Hinder Legal MarijuanaA few days ago we heard that former heads of the D.E.A expressed their concern and penned a letter to the DOJ encouraging them to nullify the marijuana laws passed last year on November 6th 2012 in the States of Washington and Colorado which voted for recreational marijuana. While the letter expressed how legalization of marijuana would "endanger" the public and create "catastrophic highway fatalities" along with other outlandish claims; critics began to speculate as to why these "former heads" would express such interest in marijuana legalization. Digging a bit deeper some of these former heads seem to have more incentive to maintaining the current status of illegality surrounding marijuana. Robert L. DuPont who served as Drug Czar under Nixon and Ford and Peter Besinger who was head of the DEA throughout the 70's now run a company dedicated to conducting drug tests in the workplace; "Besinger, DuPont and Associates". It is painfully obvious that with such monetary incentive these former DEA heads and Champions of Prohibition are not acting in the interest of the American People. In fact the letter they sent to the DOJ should be thrown into a fire and it's ashes thrown into the deepest ocean. It is a letter that stipulates that a few would sacrifice the freedom of many for economic gains. It demonstrates that prohibition is nothing more than a business, similar to incarceration, oil, pharmaceuticals and more. Many Marijuana activists spoke out against these economic incentives yet the probability of the DOJ turning a blind eye to this letter is slim to none. The idea however of State's rights, civil liberties and your pursuit of happiness being jeopardized due to the enrichment of ancient oppressive Prohibitionist enforcers; that coincidentally shares the same last name of one of the people who started prohibition in the first place, is not just's just plain evil. The American people have expressed their views on Marijuana and while the path to full scale legalization is on it's will be met with opposition by those who profit from prohibition. It is the will of the people that will supersede the oppression of the few.
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