Rhode Island Medical Marijuana

Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Medical Marijuana program fist was institutionalized in 2006. Under this program patients have the right to obtain Marijuana as a medical treatment for a long list of diseases and debilitating conditions. In order to legally be involved with the system the patient is required to have a written recommendation from a registered physician claiming that Marijuana would be beneficial for thus said disease or condition. Once the patient is deemed fit for the program by the doctor, he/she must go to the Department of Health where the patient may apply for the program. Once the State has verified that everything is in order the patient will be required to pay $75 USD for the card which would be delivered to the patient within a month after applying. The Rhode Island Medical Marijuana card allows patients and caregivers to possess up to two and a half ounces of useable marijuana and can grow up to twelve plants at a time with only four plants being mature. As a caregiver you must be at least twenty one years old and should have no previous felonies on your record. Patients can have up to two different caregivers at a time. In essence a caregiver will grow and administer the Marijuana to the patient when the patient is unable to obtain, grow or care for him/herself. Caregivers also require to register and obtain a license in order to grow legally. The Rhode Island Medical Marijuana program has reciprocity laws which mean that patients from other Medical Marijuana states are also allowed to participate with the Rhode Island system. In other words, if you are a patient from California, your California Medical Marijuana card will be valid within Rhode Island. In addition the Rhode Island Medical Marijuana club institutionalized Compassion Centers which in essence are cannabis clubs. There are only 3 permitted compassion centers in Rhode Island that have an unlimited amount of patients they can service. These clubs are responsible for growing and providing top quality marijuana to patients. Patients still have the option to grow their own marijuana if they so desire. Compassion Centers are created for patients that cannot grow or do not know how to grow and cultivate their own medicine. These systems also cater to the needs of “out-of-state” patients that do not have their medicine on hand. Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to screen the Rhode Island Medical Marijuana program in order to maintain its readers up to speed with all laws and changes within the law that may occur in the future.  
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