What Will Be the Role of Marijuana Cards When Recreational Marijuana is Legal?

Even though marijuana is legal for medical use in 18 states, in most of those states medical marijuana patients are required to obtain marijuana cards in order to be provided with their medicine.  These cards are necessary in order to identify marijuana patients, and there is good reason to be identified as such.  With a marijuana card you can legally buy, possess, use, and grow marijuana in those states in which it has been legalized.  But the question, now that marijuana has also been legalized for recreational use in two states, is what the role of those marijuana cards will be in states where recreational use is or will be legal.  And we will help you sort it all out by answering a few common.
  • Will recreational users need cards?
Even though there will most likely be taxes involved with recreational marijuana, the people buying it from dispensaries will likely not need a marijuana card.  What they will need is a photo identification because there will be a certain age set defining how old an individual has to be to buy marijuana.  Most states will likely set this at 21, just as it is with alcohol.
  • What about medical marijuana patients?
Medical marijuana patients do not have to have an identification card in all medical marijuana states now, but in the ones that do require them they will still likely be required to buy from a medical dispensary.  Even when a card is not legally required for medical marijuana patients it will still be a good idea to have one, as having one allows a person to grow, buy, and carry more marijuana than a recreational user.
  • Will there still be a fee for marijuana cards?
Where marijuana cards are necessary for medicinal marijuana patients there will still most likely be a charge if there was one before.  Because of the added benefits of having a medical marijuana card there will still be plenty of people willing to pay for them. Marijuana cards will probably not be necessary for recreational users but they do still have their purpose.  If you can get one then you may still want to.
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