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NYCD Sour DieselStrain Name: Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana patients have helped turned Sour Diesel into the classic go to strain for their therapeutic needs and overall strength in the strain. General Information: Strain Type: Hybrid, Sativa-dominant 90/10 Aliases: Sour D Genetics: The genetics of Sour Diesel, lovely orange lady-locks and super sticky, skunk is genetically long debated, among breeders and most certainly ensures this strains place as the the proverbial redheaded orphan so to speak, due to poor documentation about how the strain actually came into creation. Many suspect Sour Diesel to be a phenotype from Chemdawg; others propose it a being none other than Original Diesel (ChemDog ’91 [Massachusetts Super Skunk x Sensi Seeds Northern Lights] x Unknown Skunk [Hawaiian x Northern Lights] phenotype).  No matter where Sour D came from, she is the orphan, loved by many and adopted forever in the medical marijuana community. Awards: High Times Cannabis Cup 2006 Patient Expectation:   This strain is the great part of waking up or falling asleep, medical marijuana patients turn to Sour D for that instant, quick hit feeling of alertness, energy boost, mental clarity and increased creativity in the AM only in small doses (1-2 hits).   Alternatively, patients with PM needs, in cases of insomnia, anxiety and depression can find relief with Sour Diesel taken in a 2-3 hour window before bedtime due to the strains tendency to elicit fatigue, heaviness and deep relaxation. Individuals have experienced varying negative effects, including coughing, heavy lung expansion, light-headedness, heaviness, paranoia and anxiety; to reduce possible injury, as with any strain start slowly and work up to the desired results.   Dry mouth and dry eyes are common and characteristic of the diesel strains. THC Range: 20+% Smell: Sour smell with a lemony-twist and the ever-distinct smell of diesel fuel and soil. Store this strain in a tightly sealed glass container to avoid odor leakage. Taste: Smoked or Vaporized Sour Diesel has a distinguished lemon tang, which plays down on the somewhat-overpowering diesel fuel odor, notable in all Diesel strains. .  Sour Diesel has powerful expansion when smoking and vaping. Aftertaste: Surprisingly this strain leaves an almost citrus-fruity-diesel, somewhat pleasant aftertaste that can linger for several hours. Therapeutic Duration:  Above Average 2.0 – 3.0 hours Ailments: ü  Insomnia ü  Pain Management ü  Mood/Depression ü  Increased Appetite ü  Anxiety ü  Migraines ü  Nausea Relief Growing & Cultivation Information: Basic Skill Level: Intermediate growers should have few issues in a Sour Diesel grow; given that advanced air filtration equipment is in place, alternative techniques to topping are implemented, light cycles are adhered to strictly and light sensitivity of the strain is always considered and controlled. Yield: Indoor: Moderate-Above Average, One gram per watt of indoor light. Outdoors: Above Average-High (5lbs per plant) Stealth Qualities: None, this strain not only high in odor but in height, produces a loud flamboyant grow much like Chemdog or OG Kush. Appearance: Unharvested Sour Diesel is tall and slender, lending toward a more conifer, tree-like shape; outdoors reaching upwards of over six feet, not very leafy with foliage aging to a deep purple; buds are a lighter green compared to the original Diesel, are nearly spear shaped and delicate in appearance. Dried orange locks, mixed with varying greens and purples leaves, sour d is usually characteristically, sticky. Harvest: Indoors: 70-80 days, much longer sacrifices potency of this strain and increases the diesel odor; plan for significant growth in the first 3 weeks of flowering. Ambering can be see sometimes at 65 days, indicating ripening, continues ripening affects THC levels. Outdoors: Early October & November according on local. Optimal Growing Conditions: With a moderate to above-average yield, Sour Diesel and the short 10-11 weeks (hydro, finishing sooner) grow time Sour Diesel makes for a lovingly adopted, all time favorite orphan for growers. Sour Diesel tends to crave higher temperatures, as high as 85° daytime temperatures and lower humidity with even less water needs towards the end of a flowering cycle, steady light cycles are a must and  attention to these areas maximizes this strains return. Due to the height of this strain, vegetative state should not exceed 17-18 inches. Sour D has a 2-x stretch and though the strain is very appreciative of the vegative state with a return in taste; keep in mind stretching twice can leave the grow room stuffed with 50-52 inch monsters. A favorite method of many growers is the use of  topping in the vegetative state to control height, however keep in mind Sour Diesel tends to be unappreciative of  the hair-cut, avoid topping this strain excessively, if possible opt for other methods in height control in indoor grows, such as training or netting. Sour Diesel is suited well for indoor growing in SOG or SCROG (due to amazing bending ability of this strain of about 90°) or outdoor grows in a well-fertilized, watered & natural state. Keep in mind the distinct odor that gives this strain its name is a dead giveaway even in its vegetative state, measures to mask this should be in place early on with this strain and will be a major factor all the way into the harvesting, curing and storage of this strain. Carbon filters and maximum air control are tantamount in the Sour Diesel grow, even outdoors the odor is sure to attract visitors. Feeding: Moderate to heavy feeding is required to keep up with the sheer demand of this strains massive growth in the flowering cycle. THC Range: THS range should be within 20% mark or more under typical conditions. Lower ranges can occur as a result of pest infestations, disease, or improper cultivation. Plant Vigor: Stress from excessive topping in the case of some Sour D grows have been known to produce hermies, making this strain only sometimes considerably picky. Sour D can take a lot of bending for training purposes, and it is a good choice for cloning.
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