Strains of Marijuana for Crohn’s Disease (IBD)

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Since we believe in catering to our community we take requests very seriously. Recently one of our users asked us to do a piece on which strains of marijuana will help with Crohn’s and thus we set out to investigate the best strains for this condition as well as cover the basics in best methods of consumption and what cannabis does for Crohn’s.
  • Cannabis and Crohn’s Before we jump further into strains of marijuana we’ll take a look at what exactly cannabis does for Crohn’s. IBD’s such as Crohn’s disease require a lot of gastrointestinal medication but as of yet patients haven’t been responding to most approved medicines and generally requires surgery. Due to the fact that there are CBD-1 and CBD-2 receptors located all throughout the intestinal track patients suffering from this condition have found significant relief. An Israeli study found that out of 30 patients, 21 of those patients reported significant relief and pain reduction when using cannabis. 19 of those patients required several surgeries throughout the lifetime of their condition yet post cannabis use the need for surgery was greatly reduced as well and only 2 of them required surgery.
  • Strains of Marijuana for Crohn’s – Now that we know that cannabis does indeed have a positive effect on CD, let’s take a closer look as to which strains of marijuana will work the best for this disease. Due to the fact that there are plenty of CBD receptors all throughout the intestinal track it is important to consume cannabis with a high CBD count. Luca Brasi is a wonderful strain with a decently high THC count to work on depression associated with the disease and 11.33% CBD content.
  • Best method of consumption – We suggest that you approach these types of conditions with two different methods of consumption. The first being essential hemp oil derived from Luca Brasi Marijuana Strain. This will be ingested in drop form once in the morning and once at night. A indica dominant hybrid will be used to smoke and regulate pain levels. Whenever you feel deep pain then simply take a few puffs from your indica dominant. Let the percentage levels be somewhere in the 60%-70% Indica dominant margins.
There are plenty of strains of marijuana one could use for pain but we believe that with a hint of sativa in the mix you won’t feel so sedated after medicating.
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