Easy to Grow Strains of Marijuana

Indoor Marijuana Plants Growing
For some people growing marijuana is not all that easy, not only because some people do not really have the right kind of space to do it, but also because some people simply do not have the proverbial “green thumb” that we all wish we could have.  For the latter group there is good news and hope to be had, because some strains of marijuana make cultivation easy.  There are strains that are easier to grow and there are strains that don’t need as much space to grow, and of course there are strains that offer both benefits.  And some of these grow rather quickly as well.  These strains are considered “stable” strains and there many of them out there.  If you have tried to cultivate on your own before and have not been successful, then you may want to try one of the super easy to grow strains of marijuana.  There are five in particular that will be more likely to produce the desired results you are looking for.
  1. White Widow – White Widow is a potent strain that has a delightful citrus smell, with a hint of pine.  One plant is known to yield as much as nearly 200 grams, and it can happen in just over two months of flowering.
  2. Northern Lights – Northern Lights is not thought by many to be one of the best smelling and tasting strains of marijuana, but it does grow quickly and easily.  It also provides a decent buzz and pretty big plants as well.
  3. Trainwreck – Although the Trainwreck strain takes quite a while to grow, you will likely not mess it up if you simply feed it right.  The payoff will be a delicious lemony taste and a super high that is well worth the wait.
  4. OG Kush – OG Kush is another strong strain, both in the physical strength of the plant and in the bud that it produces.  This is a strain that has very specific needs but if they are met it will be a good grow.
  5. Apollo 11 – This is an extremely fast growing sativa dominant strain, with the capability to flower in less than two months.  Even more importantly, it yields well and provides a long lasting buzz too.
There are many strains out there that are easy to grow.  To see what other people are growing feel free to visit our social media sites, where you can learn all you need to know.
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