Strains of Marijuana – The Future

 Strains of Marijuana   The FutureThe political climate surrounding marijuana is becoming more accepting of the plant. With this softer view on marijuana more research can be poured into the subject. For the medical marijuana industry, future strains of marijuana could be designed in such a way that it would treat specific symptoms and diseases.
  • The future of medical marijuana – Many people assume that with marijuana legal medical marijuana would cease to exist. The truth is that medical marijuana will only become a more specialized field within marijuana as a whole. In other words we could expect specialized cannabis based treatment centers open for cancer, MS, autism and more.
  • Future strains of marijuana – Marijuana has a complex genetic structure and with limited scientific research, we don’t know exactly what it can and cannot do. As cannabis based science continues to evolve we would expect specific marijuana strains to develop. For instance; if someone suffers from psychological disorders due to a lack of neurocontrollers such as bi-polar, CBD-1 and CBD-2 can act as a substitute. The same can be true for; cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis, autism and so on.
  • Recreational strains – With a new legalized system we can expect regulation to set in. This means that a certain % of THC can still be deemed illegal. Thus growers would be able to create custom made strains of marijuana to abide by regulatory ruling.
  • Current marijuana strains – Currently there are thousands of unique strains, and with a legal marijuana system in place we can expect this number to sky rocket. Colorado allows individuals to grow their own marijuana. We should expect within the next year or so plenty of new hybrids hit the market.
A legal marijuana system creates unique opportunities for experimentation. For the medical cannabis industry this means that marijuana indeed will become medicine. The future strains of marijuana could eradicate cancer and other atrocious diseases and conditions. We haven’t even begun to talk about the future strains of marijuana in regards to hemp, but that should be left for another day. Right now we can only wonder on what could be and hope that the Federal government stops hindering marijuana research.
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