Strains of Marijuana to Treat Migraines

Marijuana strains for migraines
We all get a headache every now and then but many people also suffer from migraines. Cannabis has the ability to help relieve migraine related symptoms. That’s why we decided to see which strains of marijuana work best for migraines and what methods of ingestion is recommended. What are Migraines? Before we see what strains of marijuana do what, we first have to understand the nature of a migraine. Unlike a headache, a migraine can last for hours and will present symptoms such as;
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Nausea
  • Extreme Headache
  • General Weakened Condition
  • Low Tolerance for noise
Even though the root cause of migraines are still unknown there are little hints as to what causes it. Generally it is due to hyper tension and a reduced blood pressure. There are more aspects involved but we’re focusing on strains of marijuana to treat this condition. What Strains of Marijuana is recommended? Due to the nature of a migraine the strains of marijuana we recommend should be indica dominant or 100% pure indica. We suggest the hybrid dominant for those who cannot handle straight indica. Some good strains for this would be Critical Mass and XJ-13 which is both heavy on indica but have a hint of sativa in there to make one feel less “thick headed”. Look for any strain in the range of 60% Indica -40% Sativa or even a straight 50%-50% would do. Best method to ingest your bud Now that we have covered the strains of marijuana let’s focus on consumption. For the quickest effect we recommend vaporizing. This will immediately calm your nausea and slowly will begin to relieve the pressure in your brain. Since marijuana is a mild vasodilator it will relieve your blood pressure as well. If you do not present nausea you can simply smoke a bowl and it should work too. If you don’t like smoking or vaporizing make a tincture and take roughly 4 drops of it. Apply a drop if the pain persists roughly every hour. Essentially it’s up to the patient so listen to your body and consult your physician. With the right strains of marijuana you could replace your usual migraine treatment with an organic natural remedy. 234x60 Strains of Marijuana to Treat Migraines
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