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Even though people have been growing everything from vegetables to marijuana under grow lights for quite some time, that doesn’t mean that we have been using the same methods to grow all along.  Research is being conducted all the time in order to determine the very best methods of growing, and the best products to use to get bigger, better yields out of our plants.  For a long time traditional High Pressure Sodium lights were used, and for a long time that was acceptable by the larger growing community.  But contemporary times call for contemporary technology, and the new thing in grow lights today is LED. When it comes to LED grow lights, it is important to point out that not all of them are created equal.  The internet allows easy access to consumers for companies that really don’t put any heart into backing their products and are strictly in business to make money, rather than for providing a great product to consumers.  But then there are those companies that’s goal is not only to make money, but to become the “go to” for consumers wanting quality products for a fair price.  This is what Super Grow LED offers to its customers. Super Grow LED provides a non-traditional, but very effective solution to the issue of setting up a grow room that will provide a great yield without having to deal with some of the negative aspects of typical High Pressure Sodium lighting.  Some of the biggest issues associated with HPS lighting, such as high heat output and huge energy consumption, are drastically improved when you use Super Grow LED lighting instead.  In fact, growers who have switched to this more contemporary lighting style have seen as much as a 50 percent reduction in both heat output and energy consumption, something that any grower can appreciate.  If that isn’t enough reason to make the switch, then how about the fact that these particular LED grow lights also increase yield by anywhere from 10 – 25 percent!  That increase in yield and reduction in energy consumption is money in your pocket, so if you spend a little bit more money on your Super Grow LED lights than you would on regular High Pressure Sodium lights, you will make that money back in savings and increased yield in no time. Not only does Super Grow provide superior LED lights that can greatly improve your growing operation, but they even back up the manufacturing of their products as well.  All LED grow lights come with a, not one, and not two, but a three year warranty! The warranty protects against manufacturing defects and will get your lights fixed or replaced when an issue occurs.  This is one of the very few LED lighting companies that offers this kind of warranty.  When you order from Super Grow you can be confident in the fact that you can get your operation back up and running quickly because you won’t have to reinvest hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to replace lights that don’t come with a warranty. Super Grow LED lights are small, light in weight, have a 60,000 hour lifespan, have an operating temperature of -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, and a coverage area of 2 x 2.5 feet, and they provide a full spectrum of lighting.  They are the perfect solution for home grow rooms and larger grow rooms alike.  It only takes one time trying Super Grow LED lights to realize the difference and when you do, you will never use High Pressure Sodium lighting again.   Super Grow 2 Super Grow LED – Contemporary Grow Methods at Their BestSuper Grow 3 Super Grow LED – Contemporary Grow Methods at Their Best Super Grow 1 Super Grow LED – Contemporary Grow Methods at Their Best
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