Where Does All That Good Weed From Marijuana Dispensaries Come From?

marijuana dispensaries

For those that live in a medical marijuana state it is not uncommon to walk into marijuana dispensaries and have a wide variety of different premium marijuana strains to choose from.  Patients revel in the ability to be able to pinpoint the exact strain that will help them find some relief from their specific conditions.  […]

How Legal Will Legal Marijuana Be?

Legal Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is a great thing, there is no doubt about that, and something that many of us have been waiting to happen for a very long time.  Marijuana legalization is not only a new found freedom, though, but a privilege as well.  If it isn’t treated this way, then legalization could cause us more […]

Protecting Marijuana Dispensaries from Criminals

Dispensary 2

Although the legalization of marijuana, both medical and recreational, will no doubt lead to less crime involving sales, that is not to say that all crime involving marijuana will go away.  The nature of the crimes involving marijuana will simply shift.  It’s unfortunate but true that in the future we are going to see theft […]

Will Marijuana Vending Machines Replace Marijuana Dispensaries? A Look Into the Future of Marijuana Distribution…

Marijuana Vending

It was not so long ago that the idea of marijuana dispensaries was almost baffling because so many people just could not understand how it would all work, particularly those that have been historically skeptical about marijuana legalization.  But today there are thousands of marijuana dispensaries distributed throughout the states in which medical marijuana is […]

A Few Things That Owners of Marijuana Dispensaries Should Know


While it is great that marijuana has been legalized for medicinal purposes in numerous states, and that it has even been legalized for recreational use in two states as well, it is important to remember that the thousands of marijuana dispensaries popping up all over the country are still very vulnerable.  They are vulnerable in […]

How Do You Get Medical Marijuana if You Need It? – It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Even though medical marijuana is legal in 18 states and Washington D.C., and it is likely to become legal in more states very soon, this does not mean that those who need it have a free pass to go out and score a bag from their local dealer without legal ramifications.  Fortunately for those individuals […]

If You Want to Know Where to Get Marijuana Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

For most marijuana smokers the process of scoring some smoke could lead to minor jail time, especially for those that live in states where it has not been decriminalized.  But for those that need it that are wondering where to get marijuana there is good news to be heard, because there are already 18 states […]

Dispensaries and Cannabis Clubs

Dispensaries and Pot Clubs

The United States have now been exposed to legal medical marijuana dispensaries for well over a decade. With States now turning to recreational legalization we can expect to see recreational cannabis clubs also start popping up all over the scene. What about Medical Marijuana – Time and time again we get asked about what will […]

When Dispensaries Fight back

Dispensaries Fight Back

From the Nazi like propaganda and militaristic law enforcement tactics in relation to marijuana it is quite a breath of fresh air when dispensaries and cannabis activists fight back. Earlier this month, we heard about a Colorado grower suing the Police department for $220,000 USD for ruined marijuana plants and now one of the biggest […]

Dispensaries could Kick Start US economy

Dispensaries Kick Start Economy

We know that the US economy has been suffering of late. The government is supporting multiple wars, incarcerating hundreds of thousands and bailing out the rich. Dispensaries could be the way for the “Average Joe” to get his second wind. Obviously the market is still “high risk” but as political controversy subsides we could see […]