How to Talk to Your Kids About Legal Marijuana

Marijuana Kids

Now that legal marijuana is becoming a reality, both medically and recreationally, parents are going to be looking for a new way to approach their kids about it.  For so many years marijuana use has been frowned upon in any form, and D.A.R.E programs across the country have went from school to school touting the […]

Legal Marijuana Didn’t Just Happen Last Year…

legal marijuana 2

Although there is much to be excited about with the recent legal marijuana legislation in Colorado and Washington, it is not like this is the first time that marijuana has ever been legal.  There is actually a long history of legal marijuana in the U.S. and, in fact, for a long time the illegality of […]

How Legal Will Legal Marijuana Be?

Legal Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is a great thing, there is no doubt about that, and something that many of us have been waiting to happen for a very long time.  Marijuana legalization is not only a new found freedom, though, but a privilege as well.  If it isn’t treated this way, then legalization could cause us more […]

Legal Marijuana – A Look Into the Future

Marijuana Cigs

Advocates of marijuana legalization no doubt had something to be excited about when California became the first state to actually legalize marijuana for medicinal use in 1996, but today the future regarding marijuana law reform looks even brighter.  The most recent developments regarding marijuana law that we have seen occur in Washington and Colorado have […]

Legal Marijuana – Movement in Mexico

legal marijuana

Now with two US states implementing a legal marijuana regulatory system it seems that Mexico might also begin to shift in that direction. Although Mexico still has 79% of the population opposed to the idea, it doesn’t mean that these numbers are shifting. Legal Marijuana and Mexico’s Youth – You have to understand that Mexico […]

The Great Hypocrisy over Legal Marijuana

legal marijuana controversy

It seems that legal marijuana has gained in popularity and more Americans are willing to give it a shot. Yet the Justice Department still wishes to force feed their “tough on pot” stance. Obama might have “lowered the priority” on recreational cannabis smoking but would still throw hundreds of thousands of casual smokers in jail, […]

Legal Marijuana and Obama’s Recent Comments

Legal Marijuana Obama

It seems that cannabis activists can rest a bit easier after President Obama shed some light as to what the government will do in response to legal marijuana laws passed in Washington and Colorado. For now it seems that recreational smokers will not be a high priority as the government has “bigger fish to fry”. […]

Legal Marijuana Official in Colorado

Legal Marijuana Colorado

The 6th of December was an incredibly important day in history when Washington adults 21 and over could officially smoke legal marijuana. Today four days later Colorado crosses over to the other side as Governor Hickenlooper signed the declaration making Amendment 64 a reality. Colorado’s Legal Marijuana system – Unlike the Washingtonians the people from […]

Legal Marijuana and the Uphill Battle to Success

Legal Marijuana

Legal marijuana became a reality for Colorado and Washington over the past month. Medical marijuana however has been in operation for sixteen years now. Regardless of the pseudo legal state of marijuana some people managed to find ways to make money off the legal industry whether medical or soon to be recreational. Despite the legal […]

Legal Marijuana and Microsoft – What’s the relation?

legal marijuana

Legal marijuana is a reality for Washington State and it seems that it caught the attention of a few top dogs. Marijuana in its illegality is a multi-billion dollar industry of which currently only criminal cartels benefit from. Since November 6th this all changed and within the following year an entire industry will be erected; […]