Three Reasons the Marijuana Strains You Choose Matter


Some people are perfectly fine with any type of marijuana they can get their hands on, whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, and regardless of how it looks and smells, while others are much more selective about the bud that they smoke on a daily basis.  This is particularly so for those individuals who […]

How to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain for Your Condition


For many people who decide to use marijuana for medicinal purposes it is a first time experience, and they have little knowledge about marijuana.  After finding out that marijuana can help them, learning about the different strains of marijuana is pretty much left up to the patient.  The thing about this is, different strains work […]

Marijuana Strain for Muscle Spasms

marijuana strain for muscle disorders

There are a few conditions that cause severe muscle spasms of which marijuana can help. If you suffer from muscle spasms or a condition that causes your muscles to spasm you will most probably benefit from an Indica dominant marijuana strain. Throughout the next segment we’ll address the issues surrounding what marijuana does for muscle […]

Marijuana Strain for HEP B and C

marijuana strain for hepatitis

One of our users asked us to write a piece on which marijuana strain would be best for hepatitis B and C. In aims to provide unique care and attention to detail we set out to investigate just that. We will also be covering best consumption methods and which phenotype will do you justice. If […]

Marijuana Strain for ADHD

Marijuana Strain for ADHD

In the US it is speculated that 3%-5% of all children suffer from ADHD/ADD.  Recent studies have shown that cannabis is useful in treating ADHD. We’ll go a step further into checking out which marijuana strain will provide greater relief of ADHD symptoms. ADHD/ADD explained – A popular theory on this condition states that 70% […]

Marijuana Strain for Strokes and Head Trauma

marijuana strain for strokes

We’ve heard the prohibitionists rant on about how smoking marijuana causes brain damage. It turns out though that marijuana consumption can have the opposite effect. In this section we’ll cover what marijuana strain works best for strokes and head trauma and the best methods of consumption. Explaining the Phenomenon –  Strokes normally come from blood […]

Marijuana Strain to Treat Insomnia

Marijuana Strain Insomnia

It is no surprise that some weed act as uppers while others are downers. Thus if you know which marijuana strain to consume prior to bed to help you count those sheep, you can use marijuana medicinally. Insomnia is no laughing matter either. Insomnia and Health Insomnia can have drastic effects on your health. The […]

Best Marijuana Strain to Treat PMS

Marijuana Strain PMS Relief

It was said that Queen Elizabeth used cannabis to treat her PMS. Thus we decided to dig a bit deeper on what marijuana strain is best to treat PMS. We know that our female demographic will definitely find this article useful. Statistics – Statistically speaking 75% of women suffer from PMS. The current standard treatment […]

Marijuana Strain to treat Multiple Sclerosis

Marijuana Strain for MS (Montel Williams)

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that occurs when there is damage to the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord. Medical marijuana has shown great benefits in relieving symptoms and thus we will discuss which marijuana strain is best for MS. People who have smoked marijuana to treat this horrific disease can almost return […]

Marijuana Strain for Depression

Marijuana Strain for Depression

As we discover more regarding the medicinal properties of marijuana we learn that certain marijuana strains help with certain conditions. In this section we take a more profound look at what marijuana strain can be used as a medicine for depression. Depression can be caused by many different factors including; elevated stress levels, tragedy, Post […]