The Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 – The Ultimate in Vaporizer Technology

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There is no doubt as to the benefits of vaporizing rather than smoking or burning, whether the material that is the topic of discussion is tobacco, herbs, or cannabis, but not as many people are reaping the benefits of using a vaporizer as you would think would be.  Much of this is simply attributed to the lack of knowledge regarding vaporizers, as they are just recently beginning to be recognized more as a viable alternative to smoking, particularly in the case of marijuana.  A fair amount of the recent growth in popularity coincides with the increase in use in medical marijuana, as many marijuana doctors will point out the health benefits of vaporizing over smoking.  And for any seasoned smoker there is every reason to avoid the harmful chemicals that can be transmitted to the body every time a lighter is used to smoke.  But the vaporizing experience will not result in you making the switch for good if you do not start out by using the right vaporizer.

What is the “right” vaporizer?

If you are new to vaporizing and you’re wondering what makes a vaporizer the “right” vaporizer then to put it simply, it is a vaporizer that requires very little maintenance, is easy to use, and is durable and will last you a long time.  And the Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 by Arizer is all of those things and more.

What makes the Extreme Q 4.0 so special?

Aside from having all of the characteristics just mentioned, there are a numerous features that make this particular vaporizer special.  For starters, the Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 features digital temperature control, so that you can get the exact temperature you want based on what type of material you are vaporizing.  This is a newer feature seen only in the most contemporary vaporizers, and now that many people have had the opportunity to experience this newer feature, it alone is responsible for the growing popularity of this type of machine.  This particular machine also features a 3 speed fan system that controls how much vapor fills the chamber, and how much vapor you inhale.  But the best feature of the Extreme Q 4.0 is the remote control operation capability.  This is a feature that you will not see on many vaporizers at all, and although you may think you have done just fine without it so far, when you get a chance to use it you’ll see why you won’t want to go without a remote for your vaporizer ever again.  The remote control operation makes it so easy to use that anybody can use it, even those with joint and muscle conditions that use marijuana for treatment.

The Number 1 Reason to Vaporize With the Extreme Q 4.0

If all the great features of the Extreme Q 4.0 are not enough reason to vaporize with it over other machines then how about the fact that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty as well?  Arizer guarantees the heating elements in the Extreme Q 4.0, so you won’t ever have to worry about not being able to get it replaced if it breaks, and less face it, the heating element is usually the first thing to go.  The warranty and all the great features make this the vaporizer to go with if you are looking for one to be used at home. Extreme vape 2 The Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 – The Ultimate in Vaporizer Technologyextreme vape 3 The Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 – The Ultimate in Vaporizer Technology  
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