The Future of Marijuana

By Jeandre Gerber  The Future of MarijuanaWith all this talk about legalization many people are wondering what the future holds in terms of Marijuana. The truth of the matter is that Marijuana has been and will be intertwined with society and it isn't going anywhere. After about 70 years of marijuana prohibition we can only come to one conclusion; People love Weed! In order to accurately view what Marijuana might be like in the future we can revert back to a 1938 article in Popular Mechanics entitled; “Marijuana – New Billion dollar crop!” This article briefly touches on the different uses for Hemp. Now you must realize that Marijuana was made illegal in 1937, one year prior to this article. People during those times didn't know Marijuana, they only knew hemp. It was Randolph Hearst that was mainly responsible for the negative journalism on the plant and for coining the term “marijuana” to inspire fear and distrust within the general public. The fact of the matter remains; marijuana still remains a billion dollar cash crop. What can hemp do?  The Future of Marijuana
Hemp is almost a wonder fiber that has been used throughout history for thousands of years. There are 700 year old bridges made from hemp that still stand to this day. A speculated 25,000 different industrial uses can be derived from hemp, so if made legal…it could radically revolutionize many other industries mainly because it is a superior fiber. For instance simply switching from tree based paper to hemp based paper we would be drastically slowing down de-forestation and would improve the environment on a global scale. What about Medical Marijuana? A lot of people fear that Medical Marijuana will fade into the shadows if Marijuana was made legal. This is so far from the truth it isn’t even funny. The reason why the Medical Marijuana industry would not fade away is because the exact opposite would happen. Medical Marijuana would have to compete with Recreational marijuana (which isn’t a fair fight) which means that Medical Marijuana would need to specialize. It would mean that designer strains would be developed and that more specialized medicine would hit the market. In fact under a legal marijuana system Medical Marijuana would actually become medicine. What about Recreational Marijuana?  The Future of MarijuanaRecreational Marijuana is basically where adults enjoy smoking some bud in the comforts of their own homes or in a café. It would be no different than alcohol in terms of adults having access to it without having to go to jail for mere consumption. The industry itself would include; farms, stores, dispensaries, cafes  paraphernalia, movies, books, music and much more. In fact legal marijuana would only officially establish the unofficial pot subculture. What about the kids?!? You can check out our “Facts of Fiction” section here, but the entire kid argument is completely unfounded. Legal Marijuana would provide MORE protection to your kids as opposed to the current system of prohibition. For more information on Marijuana Recipes, Marijuana Growing Techniques or Marijuana Laws please explore our Weedpedia section for more information.
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