The Haze over Nevada Marijuana

nevada The Haze over Nevada Marijuana In a state like Nevada, home to Sin City, you wouldn’t expect things to be so uncertain when it comes to something like the legalization of marijuana. Thirteen years ago the possession of medical marijuana became legal in the state, yet more than a decade later, Nevada residents still do not have the means to possess. Why? The answer really begins and ends in one point: federal versus state agenda. Because in Nevada marijuana is still considered a serious drug, on the same level as say - heroin, it is confusing for law enforcers to implement any form of legal marijuana system let alone when they’ve made it as complicated and self-limiting as it is in Nevada. Michael Becker, a lawyer from Las Vegas who has spent most of his career defending those prosecuted under drug laws in California and Nevada, called the situation “akin to a mother telling a teen to go ahead, stay out late, while the dad says be home by 11.”   Back when this law was passed, the state neglected to make plans or even consider implementing a dispensary system. Nevada marijuana law makers expected enthusiasts would grow their own personal supply at home - that they’d save the state all the mess associated with supplying the drug. But the logic doesn’t flow, for Nevada residents can grow up to seven plants at a time in their homes, but when one marijuana plant is healthy and mature, it produces between one and three ounces at a time indoor. Since you can only possess an ounce maximum for personal medical use in Nevada legally, it is impossible not to break these possession limits by growing even one plant at a time. The foolishness of this law isn’t a hidden fact. District Court Judge Donald Mosley ruled last year that the medical marijuana laws in Nevada were unconstitutional in nature, for “there was no realistic way for patients to obtain the drug.”  With all this public acknowledgement, finally last week the process of change in Nevada began. Two bills are being proposed in Carson City to fix the law of before. One, put forth by Senator Joe Hogan, would legalize and tax recreational marijuana possession and use, the other, would legalize the sale of medical marijuana by dispensaries. Polls show a favorable vote for the legalization of marijuana for medical use, but remain unclear as to which way things will sway in the case of recreational use. If either of these bills are passed, Nevada will become one of 21 states aiding in the slow process of internal marijuana reform in the United States. Just as we learned with the repeal of the 18th amendment - the Volstead Act which prohibited the sale of alcohol in the 1920’s - if change is to come, states have to act alone before the whole will respond. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in Nevada as the smoke from last week settles. Hopefully this time, things will be a little more constitutional. 234x60 The Haze over Nevada Marijuana
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