The Potential Future of Commercial Marijuana

by Jeandre Gerber With all these talks about legalizing marijuana many people are wary about the future of Commercial Marijuana. The discussion is quite a controversial one and has sparked much debate over the past few years. Prohibitionists dread the day that Marijuana becomes completely legal and surprisingly some stoners as well. Some people believe that regulated Marijuana is just as bad as non-regulated marijuana for completely different reasons. Prohibitionists believe that regulated marijuana cannot be “very regulated” and that the black market would still thrive. “Stoners” believe that the government would be able to create a “state marijuana system” and would cut out their own involvement within cultivation and retail. The fact of the matter is that nobody will know for sure on how it will all settle in the end, but we can, based on other pseudo legal systems, know more or less what could happen. Recreational Marijuana  The Potential Future of Commercial MarijuanaRecreational Marijuana would be summed up by; retail stores, marijuana cafes and everything related to the recreational consumption of cannabis. There will be so many different presentations of marijuana that it would eventually blend right into society and would be as noticeable as your local pub. The entire outcome of a legalized system is still unknown and it would be impossible to predict exactly how it would pan out. We have to understand that currently there is a lot of hype and controversy, but under a legalized system the “buzz” around marijuana would fade and people would consider it to be “normal”. People wouldn’t make such a big deal about its consumption, similar to having a beer on a Sunday afternoon or “having a glass of wine each night”. Think about how people perceived it prior to prohibition, how truly common its use was. The only real reason why there is such hype around marijuana is because it is currently prohibited. People will quickly learn how to consume it and in what amounts. From Commercial to Industrial The Potential Future of Commercial Marijuana Once the controversy around Marijuana fades away the only logical next step would be to incorporate the industrial benefits of the Hemp plant. Hemp has thousands of different uses and could easily create unique new industries stemming from it. In terms of construction alone it would revolutionize the market. Hemp-Crete is already being used in some parts of the world and is incredibly versatile and strong. If marijuana was legalized we could expect an entire new approach to construction, a truly ecological and responsible means of construction. Imagine if you could quite literally grow your house, car, food, fuel, clothes and much more. If this is multiplied to an industrial level you can only imagine the potential. The inevitability of the legalization of Marijuana is apparent. Currently we are seeing the tides shift towards it. How and in what way the legalization of Marijuana will pan out is still too difficult to imagine, but from what we know so far, the future of commercial marijuana is looking brighter every single day.   For more information about Marijuana, marijuana growing techniques and marijuana legalization be sure to explore our Weedpedia section.
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