The Potential Future of Medical Marijuana

by Jeandre Gerber With all this talk about Marijuana Legalization some people within the Medical Marijuana Community are running scared. We have to be honest when we say that not everyone within the current Medical Marijuana programs are 100% deathly ill. The majority of people enrolled into some sort of Medical Marijuana program are there for legitimate reasons, there are some though that has taken advantage of this system. The question we should ask is; is this really so wrong? The Current System: Medical Marijuana  The Potential Future of Medical MarijuanaMedical Marijuana is a wonderful program that allows patients to medicate without having to face jail time. But this current system ignores the majority of marijuana users; recreational smokers. Some people are abusing the current Medical Marijuana program in order to obtain legal weed, which is both good and bad at the same time. It’s good because these cannabis users are opting in for a legal and regulated Marijuana system. They would rather spend their money on legal establishments than funnel it through the black market. It’s wrong because their involvement within the “medical” marijuana program undermines the value of the system and reduces the value of the word “patient”. The solution In order to solve this problem it is imperative that a recreational market is created. This new alternative market would cater to recreational uses and would be regulated much like alcohol. Children under the age of 21 would not be able to have access to Marijuana and there would be similar laws about public consumption, driving under the influence and supplying to minors. This regulated system would take care of those who want to “legally consume marijuana” as opposed to finding their herbs from the local pusher. But what about Medical Marijuana? Wouldn’t it fade away if Marijuana was made legal? The idea that Medical Marijuana would cease to exist because of a recreational market is quite simplistic. Recreational Marijuana caters to a recreational market, it wouldn’t interfere with Marijuana as a Medicine. The Future of Medical Marijuana The Potential Future of Medical Marijuana Under a Legalized system researches would have greater access to study the plant. Currently all innovations and findings on marijuana are surfacing incredibly slowly, mainly due to all the red tape labs have to go through. There is however plenty of patient evidence that suggests that Marijuana does help for a wide array of diseases. With the red tape lifted these researchers would be able to create designer strains that would treat specific diseases and conditions. They would be able to create unique forms of ingesting certain elements of the plant in order to maximize the efficiency of the medicine. Under a legalized Marijuana system the Medical Marijuana industry would finally have the freedom to focus on the Medicinal aspects of marijuana and wouldn’t need to defend its validity or debate the political agenda of prohibitionists and allies. Medical Marijuana is still very young, but as time advances and as the grip of prohibition loosens, we can see an industry on the verge of a monumental boom.   For more information on marijuana recipes, marijuana growing techniques or anything else please check out our Weedpedia section.
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