The United States Ready for Marijuana Legalization

Screen shot 2012 04 06 at 3.00.54 PM The United States Ready for Marijuana LegalizationA recent Poll conducted by the Pew Research found that a majority of Americans are ready for Marijuana legalization. Turns out that 52% versus 45% of America feels that it is time to legalize cannabis and end the 74 year old epic failure of Cannabis prohibition and the ridiculously expensive War on Drugs.


What changed America’s Mind?

This recent shift in paradigm can be accredited to two main perceptive changes;
  1. Most Americans no longer see marijuana as a “Gateway Drug” to more dangerous drugs
  2. They no longer perceive it as immoral
As little as a decade ago only one-third of Americans felt that Cannabis should be legalized but something changed. In 2006 half of the people in the Pew Survey said it was “immoral” to smoke whereas seven years in the future this dropped to one-third while half of the polls suggested that America no longer correlates morality with the consumption of cannabis.

More Shockingly

A staggering 72% versus 23% of the respondents say that the Federal government’s actions against marijuana cause more damage than the actual drug. Similarly a 2:1 of the respondents claim that the federal government should not interfere with States that legalize cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. While you might think that states that have legalized medical marijuana and recreational marijuana would “increase consumption” the poll suggests that this is also a fallacy. Strikingly they found that all over the United States in both legal states and prohibition states consumption rates remain almost identical. Though marijuana legalization makes consumption more visible it does not increase consumption.

Mainstream Acceptance

One could also see that mainstream society is becoming more relaxed with the idea of marijuana with pop stars Rihanna and Bieber both publically caught with reefer resulting in absolutely no negative affect on their careers. In fact Rihanna was perceived as “cooler” and the consumption actually boosted her reputation while in the case of Bieber, mainly due to the demographic of his fans, only received a slap on the hand. In conclusion we see that America is gearing up for a full scale marijuana legalization push and with States like Oregon and California reviving efforts for recreational legalization it is only a matter of time till cannabis is once more legalized for the sick and the healthy alike. 234x60 The United States Ready for Marijuana Legalization
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