The Weedly Report, May 3rd, 2013

  images The Weedly Report, May 3rd, 2013 Tempers were high last Tuesday in Minnesota, when Republican representative Steve Drazkowski suggested before a meeting on the Health and Human Service budget that all state welfare recipients be forced to submit to drug tests. Drazkoswki proposed that residents who failed the drug test would be ineligible for welfare. Representative Tina Liebling told Drazkoswki he should be “ashamed” for politicizing a program directed towards their state’s poorest individuals and families, countering with an amendment to Drazkowski’s amendment, demanding state lawmakers also submit to similar conditions or lose their state paycheck. Surprisingly, the bill received bipartisan support, “Bring on the cup!” said Representative Duane Quam, “I have nothing to fear. On Wednesday, even before law makers were given a chance to discuss the pending marijuana reform bills awaiting trial in the state, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan asked legislators crafting a bill in favor of medical marijuana to strike the provision that patients be allowed to cultivate their own supply. Hassan cited concerns over the ability of the state to regulate home-grown marijuana as the main driving force behind her decision, but people like the bill’s sponsor - Donna Schlachman - found Hassan’s choice disturbing. Schlachman said without the option of growing one’s own marijuana stock, rural patients will have a difficult time continuously accessing their medicine. On Thursday New Hampshire lawmakers also shot down the decriminalization bill being put forth, citing lack of age limits and regulation. Unknown The Weedly Report, May 3rd, 2013   It sounds as though HR 1523: The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, is in trouble. The LA Times reported Sunday that the act had a “long shot in this congressional session.” Frank Wolf - a House Republican - spoke out against the act, comparing Washington and Colorado’s affairs with the drug as similar to sex trafficking - “If a state said sex trafficking is OK, would we honor that?” he asked Congress. Clearly everyone isn’t on the same page yet regarding the status of marijuana, so we’ll just have to wait and see what settles out of smoke from the plethora of marijuana reform bills awaiting approval in the House.   Thursday a medical marijuana bill was officially signed into law by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, although state analysts have put a 2016 timeline on the onset of a true, operating medical marijuana supply system. Academic institutions will be allowed to set up medical research centers which will dispense the drug. Maryland becomes the 19th state to impose medical marijuana reform measures.   Over two months ago, Court Judge Jack Emery gave Tacoma police officers an order to return seized marijuana to its owner, but the city refused. Emery called Tacoma police officer’s decision to ignore his request “contemptuous” and gave Tacoma authorities seven days to return the marijuana, which was being consumed for medical purposes and purchased legally. “Appeal or comply”, said Emery to the city, “or next week, show up, and I would advise you to bring counsel.” The city could chose to push the issue further, filing and transporting the marijuana confiscated to Pierce Country seized evidence room, leaving them with the onus of Emery’s wrath. Ed Troyer, Pierce Country Sheriff spokesman, said that Tacoma police could do just that, but it wouldn’t change the sheriff's position on the matter, claiming they would not hand the drug over.

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