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  Unknown1 The Weedly Report We’ll start in Nevada. On Tuesday the state opened a Medical Marijuana School. Medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada for 13 years now, but only last week did state Senate approve measures allowing dispensaries to open. Run by the Cannabis Career Institute, the school offers students courses on how to operate successful medical marijuana dispensaries, how to make pot-baked goods like cakes and brownies, and how to navigate through the  intricacies of growing weed legally in Nevada. Students who are enrolled in classes have a while to study - dispensary openings in Nevada aren’t predicted until next year.   News was not as hopeful on Tuesday in Akransas, where Attorney General Dustin McDaniel rejected the wording in a proposed initiative to legalize medical marijuana. The act was drafted by Arkansans for Compassionate Care, who ran a similar campaign in November 2012 that met similar ends. galleryfacade The Weedly Report Moving to Colorado, where onTuesday a Denver marijuana club posing as an art-gallery was busted despite the legal status of recreational marijuana use in the state. In November, voters accepted Amendment 64, legalizing recreational possession of the drug, but the state has yet to set up a system for purchasing marijuana or selling it. Residents have been left to come up with clever ways of getting around state rules, like the 530 gallery in question. The gallery offered visitors free marijuana in return for donations, running a Craigslist ad promising “high grade marijuana, free with a donation to the gallery” and membership in the Cannabis Club of Denver. Adam Zimmerli and Devon Hawk Hazard face distribution charges, but Zimmerli said he believes his club made “no illegal actions and that ultimately it’s going to be for a jury of our peers from Denver here to decide.” Zimmerli claims his gallery was 'sharing' marijuana within a private club, as defined in Amendment 64, not distributing it. To New Jersey, where state health commissioner Mary O’Dowd spoke before the state Senate Budget Committee on Wednesday, explaining how she would use additional funds to construct and maintain marijuana treatment centers and dispensaries. O’Dowd’s proposition is in accordance with Governor Chris Christie’s budget projection, which would see the funding for medical marijuana programs in the state double to $1.6 million. Illinois saw medical marijuana legislation passed in the House Wednesday, approved by a 61-57 vote. The bill will now move forward to the state Senate, but Governor Pat Quinn has remained elusive as to whether he will sign the measure. In an interview Quinn claimed he was becoming more ‘open minded’ about the drug’s use after meeting with a war veteran using it medically to deal with severe wounds. images1 The Weedly Report Finally to Kentucky, to follow up on a previous post regarding the state's battle to obtain industrial hemp rights. Senate Bill 50 was passed and approved by Governor Steve Beshear last week. Eight other states - Maine, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, North Dakota, Colorado, West Virginia and Washington - have put similar movements forward, but to date no Americans farmers have engaged in large-scale hemp growth.

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