Understanding Medical Marijuana California Law

hollyweed Understanding Medical Marijuana California LawIt is well-known now that medical marijuana is legal on a state basis in California, but there are still laws that need to be followed in order for the whole thing to work smoothly, and in order for there to be any chance in the future of marijuana becoming legal on a federal basis.  In fact, there are certain laws established that, if broken, can land you with some pretty significant consequences.  Medical marijuana California law dictates the guidelines in any situation involving legal marijuana, and those laws are as serious as those that dictate illegal marijuana, to be sure.  In three specific situations it is important to know what the laws are and to follow them.
  • Using – When it comes to using medical marijuana there are laws that determine where it is acceptable.  Marijuana can be smoked most places, with the restrictions being similar to those involving nicotine products.  Patients cannot smoke in designated no smoking areas, even though the concept was meant for tobacco smokers, nor can they smoke within 1000 of California schools either.
  • Cultivation – Cultivation, while legal for medical marijuana patients and their caregivers, is still heavily regulated.  It is also illegally by federal law standards.  It is important to follow the strict regulations regarding quantity and what can be done with the cultivated marijuana in order to avoid trouble.  And it is not legal to cultivate with the intentions of selling to non-patients.
  • Firearm Ownership – Medical marijuana California law also dictates certain rules involving firearms.  Gun dealers can ask perspective buyers if they use medicinal marijuana and those buyers must answer truthfully, lest they wish to risk perjury.  A yes answer to the question will result in being barred from purchase, although it is not illegal for those that already have guns to use medicinal marijuana.
Those who need medical marijuana to improve their lives should no doubt take advantage of the legalization of the healing herb.  But it is important to follow medical marijuana California law so that you can maintain your right to your medicine.  Understanding Medical Marijuana California Law
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