Exploring Ways to Grow Marijuana: Low-Stress Training

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Home growers often have space issues, especially in an indoor grow. There are several ways to grow marijuana to compensate for this problem. Low-Stress Training (LST)  is one way that gives a lot of room for creativity. No main cola will develop when using this technique; instead, the flowers produced are smaller than the main cola would have been but with less variation in size. There are reports that this practice seems to increase overall flower production despite the lack of a large main cola. There is not much to it, really, just let your plants grow a bit above your anchor surface and anchor them to something so that the tip of the plant lies somewhere below growth nodes farther down the stem. Growth hormones tend to gather at the top of the plant, so a sprout will form first at the highest node, and shoots will eventually come from many, if not all other nodes. When you tie your plants, make sure to leave enough room for stem thickening as your plant matures. This should cause your plants to form a lush blanket of flowers that does not invade a lot of vertical space, making it an ideal technique to open the possibility of multiple vertically stacked rows of plants in indoor growing projects. This technique can be very useful in greenhouses, closets, and small grow boxes made of mini-fridges, storage totes, or in just about anything else imaginable, as well as in the great outdoors. When performing low stress training outdoors, keep light exposure in mind when arranging your plants. LST can be used to ends other than space-restricted growing; consider an outdoor sculpture of your favorite medical marijuana flowers or a level, easy to reach spot in a square foot garden. You can secure your plant to nearly anything imaginable just as long as the apical tip of the plant lies below another portion of the plant and the plant itself is not damaged. Do this right, and the plant's hormones will do the rest.  This is one of the more enjoyable ways to grow marijuana where imagination is part of the process, and people often find it to be quite relaxing. Growing marijuana may now be legal in some places, but if you live in a prohibition state, you grow at your own risk until marijuana laws are changed and cannabis is legalized in your state.

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