Exploring Ways to Grow Marijuana: Topping

Marijuana topping tips
When growing medical cannabis indoors, several aspects of outdoor growing are compromised, and new ways to grow marijuana must be employed to compensate. Some of these necessary changes are obvious like sunlight and rain, so lights are installed and watering must be done by hand or an automatic irrigation system. Others are not so conspicuous, like the angle from which the plant receives sunlight. As the sun makes its way across the sky, the lower branches receive a good deal of light energy, and the plant grows wider at the base and produces one main flower, or cola, that extends from the plant's apical tip. Unless lights are attached to an automated system to mimic the sun's path, the plant will only receive light from one angle in an indoor grow. Because of this, potential cannabinoids will not be produced¬† as the light-starved bottom branches will grow significantly smaller flowers, if any at all. To compensate for this change and ensure maximum cannabinoid production, you can "trick" your cannabis plants into growing in an opposite pattern, narrow towards the bottom and increasingly wider towards the top, much like the branching of a shrub. This arrangement takes full advantage of stationary indoor lighting to produce multiple flowers from the many shoots that can result from the topping process.   To accomplish this, cut the very top of the plant off about an eighth to a quarter inch above the highest node. The removed top can also be used to start a clone of your plant.. Make sure the plant has grown strong enough for topping and wait to make your cut until lateral branches begin to form on the plant's lowest nodes, and the plant's growth hormones will be diverted to the next node down and two new shoots that act as individual tops will grow from that node. After topping, a plant can take from several days to over a week to heal before it begins to show signs of new shoots. Topping can be repeated over and over again as long as it can survive the stress that comes from the removal of a apical tip, so try to select a strong, vigorous plant to work with. As one of many ways to grow marijuana, topping is a wonderful way to make the most of your indoor growing project. 234x60 Exploring Ways to Grow Marijuana: Topping
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