Medical Cannabis to Treat Alzheimer’s

Medical Cannabis To Treat Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease and there are currently very little treatments to help prevent or treat the disease effectively. The source of the disease is still unknown although a certain peptide called amyloid-beta. A 2005 study in Spain suggests that medical cannabis might prove to be helpful in treating and maybe even reversing some […]

Medical Marijuana for Children – Is it Safe Pt. 2

Medical Marijuana for Children

In the first installment of “Medical Marijuana for Children” we spoke about a little 7 year old leukemia patient that is taking medical cannabis for her cancer. We also touched base on the horrific side effects of chemo and how it kills 2/3rds of the patients it is supposed to save. Now we up the […]

Best Marijuana Strain to Treat PMS

Marijuana Strain PMS Relief

It was said that Queen Elizabeth used cannabis to treat her PMS. Thus we decided to dig a bit deeper on what marijuana strain is best to treat PMS. We know that our female demographic will definitely find this article useful. Statistics – Statistically speaking 75% of women suffer from PMS. The current standard treatment […]

Medical Cannabis to treat Drug Addiction

Medical Cannabis to Treat Drug Addiction

For more than 100 years medical cannabis has been used in addiction recovery treatment. Does this surprise you? According to the Federal government marijuana is a Schedule I drug along with Heroin. But as it turns out cannabis can actually help you kick that heroin monkey right off your back. Medical Cannabis in the Past […]

Marijuana Strains to Treat Diabetes

Marijuana Strains to Treat Diabetes

A recent study released by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis found that medical marijuana can treat diabetes. Some marijuana strains are better to use when treating diabetes. The following article is dedicated to help you understand how and what medical cannabis does when treating diabetes. What Medical Marijuana does – When it comes to […]

Marijuana Strain to treat Multiple Sclerosis

Marijuana Strain for MS (Montel Williams)

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that occurs when there is damage to the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord. Medical marijuana has shown great benefits in relieving symptoms and thus we will discuss which marijuana strain is best for MS. People who have smoked marijuana to treat this horrific disease can almost return […]

Medical Marijuana to treat Brain Tumors

Medical Marijuana Cancer Cure

Currently marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug which means it holds no accepted medical value. Most educated people know that this is utter nonsense as they themselves have felt the benefits of medical marijuana. Today we’ll take a closer look on how marijuana helps prevent and kill aggressive brain tumors. Medical Marijuana and […]

Marijuana Strain for Depression

Marijuana Strain for Depression

As we discover more regarding the medicinal properties of marijuana we learn that certain marijuana strains help with certain conditions. In this section we take a more profound look at what marijuana strain can be used as a medicine for depression. Depression can be caused by many different factors including; elevated stress levels, tragedy, Post […]

Best Marijuana Strain for Pain Relief

Marijuana Strain for Pain Relief

Marijuana is a medicine. But unlike medicine created in a lab, marijuana can treat a wide array of illnesses and conditions. The medical marijuana industry has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. The question however is; which marijuana strain is best for pain relief? It is important to understand that marijuana comes in […]

How to use Medical Marijuana for your Disease or Condition

Medical marijuana | Marijuana Medical

For almost two decades now the use of medical marijuana in various US states has been made legal. Many people do find that marijuana helps with a wide array of conditions and diseases. But how do you get the absolute best out of your medical marijuana? Would the different methods of consumption have a different […]