What Will New York State Medical Marijuana Law Be Like?

New York is one of the many states that have not yet legalized the medical use of marijuana, but that is very close to doing so.  The fact is, the process of marijuana legalization is one that takes a lot of time and a lot of work.  Research has to be conducted, law makers need to compromise in order to come up with fair laws that work for everyone, and consequences for breaking those laws need to be determined.  All of this requires a huge time and energy commitment from a lot of people, many of which do not get paid enough for their work, and I’m not talking about politicians… It’s no wonder, then, that we have been dealing with trying to end marijuana prohibition for so many years.  But all of that hard work is about to pay off, finally, even if on a very minimal level.  There is still a long way to go, though, especially in the case of New York, as the legalized medical marijuana laws are likely to be a little bit more strict than they are in other medical marijuana states.  To be sure, those that are deemed as truly being able to be helped by marijuana will have access to it when it becomes legal, but the definition of “truly needing it” has yet to be determined.  When it is, there are a few specific ways in which New York laws will be stricter than the laws of other states. 1.      Conditions Approved for Medical Marijuana Treatment – The discussions that are currently taking place regarding possible future medical marijuana law in New York State have greatly had to do with which conditions will be approved for treatment.  So far it seems that only the most debilitating diseases that can be helped with marijuana treatment will be included. 2.      The Amount of Marijuana Patients Can Have – New York will no doubt have stricter limits on the amount of marijuana that patients can have as well.  There really hasn’t been much discussion about it yet, but you can be pretty sure that it will be less than other states, as it has already been said that the laws will be the strictest in the country. 3.      The Laws Involving Opening a Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Laws involving the opening and operation of dispensaries will be much more strict as well, and the taxes will be higher, that’s for sure.  Talk so far has referred to a possible $250 per pound tax on weed that is dispensed by such establishments, and that is only the beginning. While medical marijuana is on its way to being legal in New York State, we shouldn’t go celebrating quite yet.  Instead we should be focusing on how we can improve New York State medical marijuana laws as soon as it is legalized.cannabisNowMagazineAd doobons What Will New York State Medical Marijuana Law Be Like?
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