What You Can Do to Help Legalize Marijuana

legalize mj
A lot of different types of people would like to see marijuana legalized, for a lot of different reasons, but few of these people actually take any steps to help in the fight for legalization.  This is not for lack of wanting to do their part in ending marijuana prohibition, but rather for lack of not really knowing what they can do.  And then there is that not so little thing called the federal government that many people see as a looming threat whenever the topic of marijuana legalization comes up as well.  But no unfair, unjust law has ever been done away with by letting fear of the federal government take over and get in the way.  Still, though, people have lives to live and many of them do fear the consequences of getting involved in such a fight.  Some people fear losing their jobs, others fear the law, and some even fear being seen as an outsider by their family and friends.  And all of this is the result of the years of anti-marijuana propaganda that has given it the bad name it has today.  But there are things that people can do to help legalize marijuana without making it apparent to everyone they know.  Small steps can be taken towards helping end marijuana prohibition that will make a big impact.  A few in particular take very little time and effort.
  • Write a Letter to Congress in Support – One of the simplest and most discreet things you can do to support the fight to legalize marijuana is write a letter to the United States Congress.  These days you do not even need an envelope and stamp, as you can simply submit a letter through the U.S. Congress website.
  • Donate to Marijuana Law Reform Organizations – Although money certainly isn’t everything it does help in any legal fight.  If you have the extra cash you can always research and find a marijuana law reform organization to donate to.
  • Educate Yourself on the Benefits of Marijuana Legalization – Finally, more important than anything is educating yourself on the benefits of marijuana legalization.  Being educated means sharing your knowledge, and as the word spreads, the fear diminishes.
Not everybody wants to be at the forefront of the fight to legalize marijuana, but there are more discreet steps you can take.  And once it is finally legalized, it won’t be so important to keep your support behind closed doors.
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