Where can I buy weed online?

Where can I buy Weed
With the tides shifting in favor of legal marijuana the question on “where can I buy weed online” could become a legitimate query real soon. Marijuana currently still holds an international ban in place but due to the actions of Colorado and Washington, this is all changing. Technically people in Washington and Colorado should be able to indulge into the “online weed buying” experience within the next couple of years.
  • Where can I buy weed online now? – Believe it or not there are methods to purchase weed online right now. It’s very limited and only holds true for a few dispensaries that include delivery. You need to be a qualifying medical marijuana patient in order to opt into this. Currently California seems to be the front runner in online pot distribution but as was mentioned, with Washington and Colorado entering into a completely legal market, this all could change.
  • Where can I buy weed (Mobile) – For those of us who keep a close eye on trends you might have noticed that things are becoming more “mobile”. Don’t think for a second that weed is going to stay behind on this one either. As marijuana becomes more legitimate you can expect aps for weed buying to be developed. Technology increases commodity and having a top of the line strain delivered right to your front door ordered right from your smartphone is definitely a step in the right direction. Besides, if they don’t want us to drive while being high, maybe mobile and online buying is a plausible alternative.
  • Where can I buy Weed (Physical) – Currently we have dispensaries or cannabis collectives but as the political environment continues to shift in favor of legalization these dispensaries will evolve. Security will be lowered and all you’ll really need is your driver’s license and to be over 21.
“Where can I buy weed” will become a popular search term in the future as well, especially under a fully legalized system. The world is ready for full cannabis integration and despite what prohibitionists claim, the world will be better for it.
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