Where can I buy Weed under Prohibition?

Where can I buy Weed
Let’s face it, people love weed. Regardless of the risk of jail people still ask; “ where can I buy weed ” under prohibition? The US loves marijuana so much that a staggering 800,000 people get arrested almost yearly for marijuana possession alone. But more importantly we should focus on what occurs when these people purchase their marijuana under prohibition.
  • Where can I buy weed: Drug Dealers – We can’t blanker cover drug dealers to all belong to criminal mafias. In fact anyone who operates a licensed pharmacy is a legitimate “drug dealer”. But what happens when we buy weed off the streets. Unless you are 100% certain that the weed your smoking was grown by the actual dealer or was obtained from such a source you can expect some cartel hand to be in there some way down the line. Nearly 50% of the Marijuana consumed by the US comes from Mexico. So unless you know for a fact that you’re smoking the other 50% you’re essentially supporting organized crime but not because of you but rather because of prohibition. And even if you buy from the home grown 50 you might still be throwing your money into the pockets of a hardcore criminal.
  • Where can I buy weed: Growers – Growers that grow independently would probably be the safest “karma” choice in terms of buying underground. But then once more due to prohibition you are putting yourself and Dr. Greenthumb in danger. Since Marijuana is scheduled right along heroin expect to face the harshest penalties if by somehow the “man” gets a whiff of your “wrong doings”. Now stop for one second and think how many jobs are involved with maintaining marijuana illegal? Police officers, judges, lawyers, bails bondsmen, security companies, lab technicians, secretaries, drug dealers, assassins, hit men, king pins and much more.
Where can I buy weed under prohibition isn’t wrong because you’re breaking the law, but mainly because you continue to support prohibition. The best way to defeat a system of prohibition is to boycott it. Cut yourself out of the equation, there are ways to do this and still obtain your medication.
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