Where Does All That Good Weed From Marijuana Dispensaries Come From?

marijuana dispensaries
For those that live in a medical marijuana state it is not uncommon to walk into marijuana dispensaries and have a wide variety of different premium marijuana strains to choose from.  Patients revel in the ability to be able to pinpoint the exact strain that will help them find some relief from their specific conditions.  But what most patients probably do not do is stop to think about where all that good weed comes from. With the hundreds of different strains that could be in any given dispensary, it is quite obvious that the weed being sold is not all being grown in a little room in the back of the building.  And even a small shed or garage out back would not be enough to supply all the weed in each one either.  But neither is the medical grade marijuana that you find in marijuana dispensaries smuggled in from Mexico, that’s for sure.  So, where does all that good weed at marijuana dispensaries come from?  The fact is, it depends on the individual dispensary that is the topic at hand, but there are three typical possibilities. 1.      Privately Grown in Warehouses – Many marijuana dispensaries do grow their own marijuana, but they often do so in warehouses that are set aside from the actually dispensary itself.  For security reasons it is a major advantage to have the two isolated from each other and for the buildings to be non-descript and very private, but there are still security issues to deal with.  2.      Grown Privately Outdoors – Some marijuana dispensaries grow their marijuana on outdoor farms.  Although this is not true for all states, in a number of legal medical marijuana states medical marijuana dispensaries do have this option.  Of course there is a difference between weed that’s grown indoors and weed that’s grown outside, but which is better is a matter of preference, and one to consider. 3.      Purchase from a Third Party Grower – Most often, larger medical marijuana dispensaries purchase their weed from third party growers.  Although the profit margin will be lower for the dispensary, purchasing from third parties does have its advantages.  Most important is the fact that a dispensary can offer a wide variety of strains without having to have the room to grow them all. While it would be nice to know exactly where the weed you buy came from every time, it is difficult for marijuana dispensaries to offer a variety without getting their weed from multiple sources.  Just be sure you trust your local dispensary and you will know you can trust where your weed came from.
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