Where to buy Weed Post Prohibition?

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Many people ask; “where to buy weed” under current cannabis prohibition whether they live in a legal marijuana state or not. But what will happen to the question once marijuana is made legal? We can see that marijuana legalization, at least for now, will be controlled such as alcohol. So in order to answer the question “where can I buy weed” in a post prohibition world will require some further analysis in regards to alcohol.
  • Where can I buy alcohol? – In order to find out what will happen to recreational marijuana we should look at alcohol. Currently you can purchase alcohol in; liquor stores, restaurants, convenient stores, supermarkets and so forth. Legal marijuana would probably not be accepted as alcohol for quite some time so one could expect to purchase in specific places such as dispensaries or even online. Currently there are a few sites that do supply medical cannabis via internet ordering.
  • Smoking will limit availability - One difference between alcohol and marijuana is that alcohol you drink whereas marijuana you smoke. Due to the smoking aspect marijuana use will be restricted similar to tobacco smoke. You can drink a beer next to someone in a room without directly affecting thus said person; the same can’t be said for marijuana. Most probably there will be “cannabis based” restaurants, bars and cafés that will allow smoking or would create a “toking area”.
  • So…where to buy weed? – If we were to exercise a bit of future thinking we can imagine that as technology advances the most probably and easiest way to answer your question on “where to buy weed”; the answer will most probably be; your mobile phone. Trends indicate that we’re all moving towards a more wireless mobile society which means that mobile cannabis dispensaries with physical locations will become the norm. People will be able to purchase their weed online, have it sent to their home or do an in store pickup.
“Where to buy weed” will be a question forever asked by cannabis seekers around the world. Post prohibition however, your phone could become your closest and best weed hookup ever!
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