Where to get Marijuana and Not Support Cartels

Where to get marijuana guilt free
The Drug War has cost us much more than just money. For those of us who smoke cannabis in prohibition states we should all be asking one question; “where to get marijuana and not support cartels”. Even though smoking marijuana isn't morally wrong, even though you are not doing anything to endanger society, by purchasing marijuana from cartels you are funding the War on Drugs. Where to Get Marijuana Traditional Method Before I tell you how to not get marijuana from cartels we first have to analyze the current model. Currently 50% of marijuana consumed in the US comes from Mexico. The other 50% comes from the US itself. The 50% of marijuana that comes from Mexico enriches the drug cartels on that side and funds their criminal activities which include; extortion, murder, bribery, torture, sex trafficking and much more. For all of their illegal activities their number one source of income is drugs. In reality it is prohibition that creates this revenue stream for them and funds their other illegal activities. But cutting their “bread and butter” out of the picture you will diminish those other illegal activities consequentially. Where to get marijuana that’s blood free If you are a person who is conscious about your actions and how it impacts this world you’d probably eventually ask yourself; “where to get marijuana without the guilt”. Firstly I must mention that “cartel weed” is probably some of the crappiest bud on the planet. It is tainted with chemicals to suppress smell; it’s compacted, cultivated alongside males and generally just not a good smoke. The best marijuana comes from people who care about the actual product. Dispensaries, cannabis clubs and even your own home grown would be a much better option and in reality would be a lower risk than buying from “Julio on the street”. Where to get marijuana without having to think about how many decapitations you funded, guns you bought and people you trafficked, will not only ease your conscious, but you’d be doing your part in the fight against the War on Drugs. So if you’re wondering where to get marijuana; think rather of legal alternatives or worst case scenario, closet cultivation.
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